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Bienvenidos amigos.
Nested in the Forest of Central Mexico, Rancho la Cebada is a unique place to Discover, Relax and Unwind.
Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions;
* Where in Mexico is Rancho la Cebada located ?
Rancho la Cebada is in Temascaltepec, Estado de Mexico. In Central Mexico, 2 hours form Mexico City, 1 hr form Toluca,  and 20 minutes form Valle de Bravo.
* How do you get there ?
You can fly into Mexico City and from Mexico City we can arrange for a chauffeur to drive you direclty to the Ranch, you can also renat a car, or have one of the airport's authorized taxis take you there.
* Can you describe the faciities ?
El Rancho is an old and rustic construction, brick walls and all wood ceilings. We do have hot water, telephone service and satellite TV at the family room. Some of this basic utilities are very new to the area and most of the time reliable.
* Where can we eat ?
Our services include a full staff that can cook for you a variety of real Mexican dishes. You can also take the 5 minute drice to the town of Temascaltepec for modest restaurants, or drive 20 minutes to the Valle de Bravo lake where the is an ample selection of restaurants.
* What activities can you do at the Ranch ?
Please visit our "things to do" page on this site for more information.
* What are your rates and what's included ?
Please contact us for availabilty and all inclusive packages.

More Information

Vaction full of Memories 
Hike to the waterfall behind the lemon fields and take a dip.

The library is a short walk form the main house and bed rooms.

This is the way to one of the rock bridges and the waterfall.

The dining room is within the family room. Huge windows let you admire nature all arround you. Enjoy amazing food while you listen to the river which is just a few meters away or pop in your favorite CD.

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