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Temascaltepec, Mexico

Acres and Acres to discover.
Fly into Mexico City and we can have a chauffeur take you on a scenic drive to Rancho la Cebada.
Nature at it's best
Walk, jog, explore the many paths all around this ranch. Exotic vegetation, soothing sounds form the river. You'll forget about everything, just enjoy your free time.


Sit down & Relax
After an amazing walk have a big glass of freshly squezzed lemonade, a glass of wine, a cold beer, or what ever you feel like. It'll be dark soon, you can play some cards, listen to some music, enjoy the company and the soothing sounds of nature all arround you.
It's water under the bridge
Please Come In
Come spend a vacation with cordial staff catering your every need. Great Mexican Cuisine, cooked with freshly picked vegetables right from the back yard.
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Come see the waterfall at the end of this trail.

There is a small chappel inside the property, it was built by some of the people that work at the ranch, The "architect" does not know how to read or write; but he did an amazing job with the help of his one eared donkey.

If you like you can pick a book form our library. Amazing collection in various languages.

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